tile it up

We have been looking for projects to keep the water jet busy, and one thing we have had some success with is cutting tile. So a few days ago, we approached the Habitat For Humanity Re-store to see if we could get some broken tiles donated. They¬†were more than happy to help us out, and get rid of some of the stuff they couldn’t sell.


I was worried that my trailer would break when they loaded it on. I’ve never had that much weight in it before.


We started sorting it, but mostly there were too few of any particular design to make it worthwhile. But that’s perfect for some of the projects we have been brainstorming.20160921_010916

Logo tiles are awesome!


These 5 inch high tessellating geckos take 3 minutes to cut. Also we can do numbers, or letters, or anything else we can think of, and now we have an essentially unlimited supply of material to work with.

Penrose tiles? Tile gears? Custom mosaics?

What would you make?


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