So much stuff, so little space…

We have recently received an absolutely massive donation of supplies and equipment from a very generous member of the community. The only problem… it’s all in Salt Lake and our current space in Provo is already packed to the brim.  On a busy night, it starts getting pretty cramped!

Included in the donation is a massive fully-functional 3D printer (can double as light-duty mill), 4-axis lathe, and several other unfinished printer/CNC projects.  We have countless boxes and shelves filled with motors, actuators, hydraulics, pneumatics, bearings, gears, fasteners, wires, belts and so much more…but nowhere convenient to store it. If we could combine these resources with the tools and supplies from the existing 400 square foot ProVolt Makerspace, we think could have the biggest and best-equipped space in the nation.




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