ProVolt is a growing Makerspace in Provo Utah.
We are an official 501(c)3 Public Charity.

Our mission is to create a place where everyone can learn, build awesome things, hang out and meet others doing the same.

We are currently located at 52 West 500 South Unit #26, Provo, Utah 84601

There’s usually something going on every Tuesday and Thursday evening, and people are there at random times throughout the week.

For more information email

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    1. Not at the moment. There was a discussion about it, but it seems like the consensus was that important information isn’t visible enough unless you watch it all the time. I set up a google group to help people stay connected.

  1. Hi, I’m just curious, I ride by this area each day when I get off the train – what is going on? What is a “makerspace” and what is the GIV group?

    1. Makerspaces are basically places where people can come together, create things, and learn to use tools and equipment that they might not otherwise have access to. They are hangouts for some, workshops for others, and everything in-between.

      Check out Wikipedia here:

      The Giv group is a local company and non-profit that is redeveloping this property and building Startup Crossing.
      GIV Development
      GIV Communities

      1. That sounds very cool. I do research at BYU in one of the mech. engineering labs – I’m going to tell all the guys in the lab about this. Thanks!

    1. We have meetings on Saturdays at 3pm, and I’m there a lot. ProVolt is at the back of the building so it’s difficult to know when people show up. I’ll probably be setting up a wireless doorbell soon so that we can let people in. Members have a key and have 24/7 access.

  2. Hello Provolt, I am a student at Orem Jr. High. For school we have to do a 20% Project, and my idea is to have3 a couple of days in different weeks where we use different tools. Each day would include, tools you can use at home, tutorials, and demonstrations of the tools, and we can setup stations for upcoming days to get students excited!

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