Polycarbonate Gift Box

I found a wonderful little necklace with pressed flower embedded in acrylic that I wanted to give as a gift. However it didn’t come with a gift box so I decided to make a fancy one myself. It was modeled in Solidworks as a single multibody part and each body added to the same drawing as separate drawing views allowing for easy dxf export for final cutting. The model is parametric, allowing for different thickness materials to be used, or to scale the X/Y dimensions of the box. I was lucky enough for this design to work first try; only a minor bit of filing was required to allow the two halves to fit together. Took less than 10 minutes of total cut time. All pieces press-fit and it stays together quite nicely without glue.

Final resultsIMAG0640


Solidworks modelcube1

2D Drawing

Cut on the JetIMAG0634


Greetings! Although we’ve had a bit of bad news lately, all is not lost! The shelving units and majority of our useful/interesting/random stuff has been relocated to the garage housing the waterjet. It is a bit cramped [I prefer to say compact and efficient] but still just as functional if not more so than before. We don’t have the great big back yard for some of our particularly ‘combustible’ projects, but I’m sure the asphalt in front will do just fine. The space isn’t internet ready, but that could very well change; for now you’ll need to download and plan ahead of time unless your phone can be tethered. No more comfy chairs or extra computer workstations at this time; there simply isn’t the square footage for some of the things we had before. More so than ever, will we have to tidy up after ourselves to maintain a usable space. I hope to see more of you stopping by on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

I apologize for the vertical video, but it looked better for a walkthrough. Check it out.