Provo city requests shutdown

We received a letter from Provo city requesting that we stop having our meetings at the current location. While ProVolt has been operating in an RC zone, we are not a commercial enterprise, and the response from every neighbor I’ve talked to has been positive.notice

We’re lucky that we have another space to operate out of right now, but it is severely cramped already.

3 thoughts on “Provo city requests shutdown”

  1. I suggest that we, as a group, start communicating a bit better so that we can organize rendezvous at public locations, potentially with air conditioning, like study rooms at the library perhaps.

    On an interim basis. While we deal with the situation.

    The shop is an alright place to Do stuff but it is a terrible place to meet.

    We weren’t meeting predictably enough as it was at the 1st east location. I’m clearly part of the problem, since i never tell anyone in advance whether or not I’m going to turn up. But nobody ever tells me in advance that anything is going on there, either.

    I will help admin a facebook group. I’ll even launch it if you tell me to. Yeah, fb is terrible, but it’s ubiquitous and it works for this sort of thing.

    I think it could really improve active membership.

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