Good news and bad news…

The bad news is that the Provo city council voted to demolish the jail rather than have it turned into an awesome community workshop. I believe it is the worst decision I’ve even seen made. Their lack of vision astounds me, and I’m a hairs breadth away from giving up on Provo entirely. We will most likely be closing the current location, and paring down tools to just what will fit in our…..

Fabulous New Space! The new space will be a bit smaller(only 400 sqft), and might seem a little cramped because… We’ll have the water jet there! The new space I found will be a bit cheaper than the current space, and has 3 phase power for running the water jet.

There is also a chance that we will be able to keep the current location going if we start getting more donations, or can make money by cutting things on the water jet. A donation packet to seek donations from local companies is in the works.

I’m also trying to put together a program I’m tentatively ┬ácalling “Make-ed in Public”, where we will be bringing a basic Makerspace experience to public parks and open spaces around Provo using our Fabulous Donated RV (if we can get it going)!


4 thoughts on “Good news and bad news…”

    1. The new location is at 52 West 500 South unit #26
      We will most likely be paring things down and getting some things moved over there on Saturday, and will most likely have to vacate the current space before the 15th.

  1. Having looked at the new location i kind of like it… i think we will have to think about how to use the smaller space effectivly…

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