Many ideas

I’ve got a few interests and I’m trying to make a little progress on each thing.

I’d like to have a more secure area to put stuff. Could we have one of the locker blocks inside? I see we could fit the small locker block inside the middle room between the two windows and then it would be easy to lock up the google fiber box, UPS, and an always-on server. The projector could sit on top maybe. It makes sense to have these a little harder to interrupt and also lower the temptation for someone looking in the windows to try a break-in.

Is there an ethernet cable reaching the roof mount or did that get taken down? Do we know the diameter of that PVC up top? I’d like to get parts together to do a single trek on the roof to put up an omnidirectional antenna, weather proof box, and POE powered wrt54g running broadband-hamnet. In theory we should put a solar panel up to make it a resilient node but we can start with UPS-backed.

I’ve got a 14-50r outdoor box & receptacle that I’d love to use for charging my car but I’m out of my depth with high-voltage electrical work. I’ve got the 50-amp fuse and I’ll bring this down to the space and put out a plea for help (maybe on a Saturday) to install it next to our service box.

Does anyone have an extra vacuum or broom? We should also clean the carpets and figure out how to have some air circulation going on. I see the windows all have limiters and if it doesn’t present a problem for the printer, we could have a tiny opening on the window in the entry and the window behind the sink maybe.

Birds are going into the roof on the East side. We should find out if they live in the attic and shut that whole thing down. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Many ideas”

  1. Short answer, Yes! Let’s get together and get some of these things done.

    I’ve done a bit of wiring and could probably install the charger.

    The locker inside sounds like a good idea.

    I believe it’s a 2″ pipe because that’s what the clamp on the dish needed, but I took the cable to the roof down.

    I’ve been planning on bringing my vacuum, and there’s a broom in the cellar.

    Feel free to open the windows any time, and let’s get those birds out!

  2. The box to charge the car should be installed tomorrow. Either John or I can handle that. I agree with opening windows and preventing theft. Some kind of curtan sounds like a great idea… Maby we can get some awesome wrapping paper and hang up in the windows to make it festive…. At least until someone more concerned with the decor makes it there project. I found someone interested in pottery… So maby building a kiln is in our future. And i really wanna see John on a ladder so when the birds get evicted please send me an invitation I’ll be sure to bring a camera. Maby the new dish could me mounted the same day.

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